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IOO                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

viz.,  "ship—un vaisseau;   ship—bon marche;   and
ship—un mouton."1

September Jth, 1796.

I have learnt from Huskisson that the French
have sent over a plan of cartel, and Nepean informs
me I am to be sent to France on the subject.
Ministers have ordered all prisoners on parole to
be confined, by way of retaliation for Sir Sidney

Lord Malmesbury is appointed minister pleni-
potentiary to negotiate peace at Paris. Lord
Spencer would not ask for me to go under Lord
M.'s passport, as the missions are distinct. My
salary is fixed at two pounds a day and one hundred
guineas for a secretary, and all travelling expenses
allowed, except " journeys within fifty miles of

1  This is almost as good as the story told of the artist
who, on being desired by a rich Shropshire squire to enliven
the picture of his castle and park with a few "ship " (Anglice,
sheep), took his patron at his word and painted  a fine
squadron of two-deckers, at anchor, on a small piece of
water scarcely deep enough to float a swan.

2  Mr. Swinburne had just received his appointment as
commissioner for the exchange of prisoners.